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The Experimental Jazz album I had on repeat for weeks

Such an immersive sound, listening to any one track will make you want to hear the rest

Funny story

The story of how I found this album is interesting. Johannes shared an experimental track, and I found out it was from that CERN. That immediately made me raise an eyebrow and dig in further, because CERN & anything to do with music was the last thing I'd have expected. So I was very curious. That alone, is worth its own post.

Anyway, after digging around the CERN stuff for a bit, the first name that stuck out was Black Quantum Futurism and I thought okay, let me sample some tunes on spotify.

The first song I came across was UMZANSI from this album, and I was hooked right away. I eventually made time to listen to the whole album, and boy, was I in for a treat.

An Ode

I don't know why, but the phrase “ode to {insert name here}” carries so much weight to me. I always pay slightly more attention to a track named with such.

While we’re here, here’s another such track. And I love it

Alternative Hip hop & Rap

Punchy, concise and tight sounds from WOODY SHAW. Amazing alternative hip hop tune, mellow beat with dope drums, and dreamy vocals. I’m yet to listen to the lyrics on this one, I still find myself focusing on the beat a lot more, even during active listening sessions.

You will bop your head to this

Another cool rap outro


A nice way to pace albums is to sprinkle little interludes. Everyone (me) loves a good interlude

In fact, a lot of tracks in this album can be used as an interlude in mixes of other genres. Very flexible sound, can be mixed into almost anything I’d play. While recording a mix yesterday, I played a few songs from this album.

Random sidenote

There’s a bird that built a nest just outside my kitchen window, that nest is still green, few days old. It’s 6AM, I’m watching the bird doing bird things, while writing, the sound feels appropriate.

A bit emo

That closing verse is healing though, after a sad song 💪🏽


The whole album is worth a listen. Such a dreamy experience. If you like Atlanta and its afro surrealist thing, you’ll dig this album.