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Off The Meds

The Only Techno Boy Band.

Who's Off Their Meds?

3 Swedish producers, and a South African vocalist. amazing pairing

Been enjoying these chaps' music for a few years now.


it all started with Studio Barnhus & Currency Low.

DJ Koze is the one that brought me to this compilation. The compilation is where I first bumped into Off The Meds.

While we're here, here's some more good stuff from the label, Studio Barnhus. This track is another old time favourite.

Little bit of acid sprinkled on top for flavour 😉

Their first release

While writing this, I got to listen to their first release, from 2017. & of course, I was not disappointed, solid stuff.


This EP is memorable

Full Album

They released a Full album in 2020, some highlighted tracks below

everytime yi overtime.


As per, I'd recommend an exploration of their whole discography, some really good stuff in there.

closing off with the opening track from their latest EP - Best OFF