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Delsin Records

About Delsin

Yagya inspired this note

I decided to take note of the label while listening to some of his music.

Anytime I listen to one track from this album, a Yagya binge starts! Easily some of my favourite all time dub-techno records.


I found this album, or this album found me, at a pivotal time. It was when I was getting more intentional about digging for ambient leaning music, and this was one of the first albums that made me feel like "this is a sound I expect to be in my life forever"

Right up there with the likes of Huerco S. & Datassette, in terms of how dear I hold the sound to me. There's a healthy variety of sub-genres explored in here, some soundscapey feels, tension filled dub-influenced sounds, techno, deep-lofi house, grunge & granular too.

Also a big fan of the album cover. It has a dystopian feel to it, and matches the sound pretty well.


The bass in this track has an ear-shattering feel to it. love it!

ps: I had no idea this was a Delsin release until the time of writing this note😂


Konduku is a staple in my dub & bass playlist - meaning he sits at the intersection between dub techno, and bass music.

He quickly became a staple in most of my mixes. I would recommend an exploration of his entire discography, it's filled with quality!

Claro Intelecto

Two releases Claro that are timeless for me, Forgotten Wasteland & Exhilarator

He's another one who knows how to manipulate the feeling of tension in his music. Dances around bass that sucks you into your headphones, paired with moments of relief.

I can say without a doubt, this was one of my favourite albums in 2019. It has remained a staple in the playlists & mixes, timeless record for me.

thick blanket of pads... there's a consistent heaviness... wields weighty sound matter with precision





dub & bass


In no particular Order

I don't think I've given the entire album a listen 🤔Ought to make time for that

The algo delivered a banger in Jan 2023.