Mixed bag.

  • Dreamy start to the mix, opening with ambient cuts from Shipwreck Detective, Aphex Twin, & the new King Krule!
  • Hip hop sounds are opened by billy woods this week. I've had him on repeat in lots of playlists for the last few months
  • The closing track is coming from one of my top albums in 2022 - Xyla gave us such a solid album there, massive respect


  1. Shipwreck Detective - ii
  2. Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm
  3. King Krule - Empty Stomach Space Cadet
  4. billy woods, Kenny Segal, Mothermary - A Day in a Week in a Year
  5. King Krule - Wednesday Overcast
  6. Downhill2k01 - Megablast
  7. Daniel Caesar - Valentina
  8. Omah Lay - never forget
  9. Jaden - A Calabasas Freestyle
  10. Xyla - Just You and Me bonus