Guest Mix by Difuz

- Guest Mix by Difuz

Special mix, this is the first guest mix in a while for goosebumps, and the man delivered a solid set!

This mix was originally published on his Soundcloud - do check it out for more mixes!

Fun fact: Difuz and I spent a few months sharing and chatting about Electro. This conversation started when we discovered our mutual love for 2845 by Convextion !

This mix is for the Detroit Techno, and electro lovers Less than 10 minutes in, the sounds had me dancing, and the selection remained quality right through to the end! It's a good blend of high energy, and calm moments of recovery.

Lest we forget a recent release he was a part of from Abstract Rhythm. An absolute banger🙌

Mini Q&A

Q: How did yout put this mix together?

I always dig for new music. Whether in record stores for vinyl or on bandcamp and other online platforms for digital formats. This mix was played on two CDJ's and a mixer.

Q: 5 noteworthy sources of inspiration from the 90s for you? open format, any genre.

Hard to pick 5 out. I have been influenced by a huge variety of music, artists, labels from the 70s until today. To pick 5 sources who also had releases in the 90s I would go with Drexciya, Gerard Hanson, Basic Channel, Move D (and his Source Records label), MF Doom

Available on Youtube


The tracklist is well selected tunes throughout🙌🏾

  1. Relpek - Binary
  2. Cyan85 - Strange Signals
  3. CYWU - Skewed Objects
  4. CYWU - Unending Glaciers
  5. E.R.P. - Vox Automation
  6. Relpek - Decay
  7. Sound Synthesis - Hidden Realms
  8. Sound Synthesis - I Guess You Know
  9. Kalcagni - Wrong Fix
  10. Sterac - Hydroxy
  11. Torai - Doppler
  12. Anthony Rother - Stellarator
  13. UHU - Astral Exit
  14. Generali Minerali - Robo996
  15. Turk Turkelton - Needle
  16. Versalife - Phosphorescence
  17. Konerytmi - Autiomaa