gb#47 - Guest Mix by Difuz

gb#47 - Guest Mix by Difuz

For the Detroit Techno and electro lovers. A good blend of high energy, and calm moments of recovery

This mix was originally published on his Soundcloud - do check it out for more mixes!

Less than 10 minutes in, the sounds had me dancing, and the selection remained quality right through to the end! It's a good blend of high energy, and calm moments of recovery.

Fun fact: Difuz and I spent a few months sharing and chatting Electro. This conversation started when we discovered our mutual love for 2845 by Convextion !

Lest we forget a recent release he was a part of from Abstract Rhythm. An absolute banger🙌

Mini Q&A

Q: How did yout put this mix together?

I always dig for new music. Whether in record stores for vinyl or on bandcamp and other online platforms for digital formats. This mix was played on two CDJ's and a mixer.

Q: 5 noteworthy sources of inspiration from the 90s for you? open format, any genre.

Hard to pick 5 out. I have been influenced by a huge variety of music, artists, labels from the 70s until today. To pick 5 sources who also had releases in the 90s I would go with Drexciya, Gerard Hanson, Basic Channel, Move D (and his Source Records label), MF Doom

Available on Youtube


The tracklist is well selected tunes throughout🙌🏾

  1. Relpek - Binary
  2. Cyan85 - Strange Signals
  3. CYWU - Skewed Objects
  4. CYWU - Unending Glaciers
  5. E.R.P. - Vox Automation
  6. Relpek - Decay
  7. Sound Synthesis - Hidden Realms
  8. Sound Synthesis - I Guess You Know
  9. Kalcagni - Wrong Fix
  10. Sterac - Hydroxy
  11. Torai - Doppler
  12. Anthony Rother - Stellarator
  13. UHU - Astral Exit
  14. Generali Minerali - Robo996
  15. Turk Turkelton - Needle
  16. Versalife - Phosphorescence
  17. Konerytmi - Autiomaa