I continue to enjoy these non-genre bound mixes. That my week in music format is winning💪🏾

Starting with a spacey and atmospheric sound from the opening Burial song.

06:00 - a much quieter ambient track. Starting the real intro to the mix. Meditative sound, inviting a moment to yourself.


10:00 - Gorgeous sound from Jagua here. Listened to the rest of the EP for the first time while writing this. I can see POCKET DIAL growing on me!



13:00 - I can't understand a word, but there's something striking about the atmosphere in this track. There's a happy energy that I fw.


14:30 - Not much to say here. Just a cool tune

17:30 - Classic deep house tune! I've had this one in my playlists for years. And it's been played on many mixes & radio shows over the years. What a tune


21:00 - A-Reece is a staple in the hip-hop rotations. The intro to this track has beautiful spoken word.

22:00 - Not to toot my own horn, but I really enjoy how I mixed in the LOR track with A-Reece here.

24:55 - Major vibe change here. Hip hop interlude I suspect Armand Hammer will be on repeat for life. Time will tell.

I keep finding gems in their discography. Even after months of daily playback🙌

27:00 - Continues on the hip hop note with a banger from Lord Folter, whom I had on repeat for a few months. Found so many good productions in his discography. This is the kind of sound I enjoy in slow late night drives...

29:20 - Barbarians, coming off the 2017 album, Rome

33:00 - Speeding up the vibe with a trip to Japan, courtesy of Skee Mask!


  1. Bloc Party - Where Is Home? (Burial Remix)
  2. Emilia Haar - Odaiba
  3. Jagua - Doin 2 Much
  4. Not Waving - Fool
  5. Patrick Holland, Dusty - Dustman
  6. A-Reece, Jay Jody, Blue tape, Thandonje - thE whitE lighT
  7. Lunar Orbit Rendezvous - A Dawn
  8. Armand Hammer, The Alchemist - God's Feet
  9. Lord Folter - In irgendeinem Club
  10. Armand Hammer - Barbarians
  11. Skee Mask - Japan Air
  12. Hamid El Shaeri - Ayonha
  13. Emeka Ogboh - Intro
  14. Skee Mask - Flyby Vfr
  15. Call Super, Parris - Chiseler's Rush
  16. Madteo - Since Man Crawled Out Of The Slime
  17. Hydergine - Augmented Reality (Fluxion Remix)
  18. Roberto Musci - Tamatave
  19. Boldy James, The Alchemist, Roc Marciano, Earl Sweatshirt - Photographic Memories
  20. AzudemSK - Still Not Givin a Single
  21. Vusi Mahlasela, Norman Zulu, Jive Connection - Push
  22. Vusi Mahlasela, Norman Zulu, Jive Connection - Thululalele
  23. Aardvarck - Blammo

Ran out of steam!

LOL, I tried to add timestamp comments, while making sure the tracklist was in play order. and paused halfway. Life got in the way etc etc, and I just ran out of steam for the rest of this task.

This is getting in the way of publishing. which I don't like So I decided to just ship it as is.