50 recorded and published mixes. Pleased with this milestone!

This one hops around from ambient, dance, pop, hip hop, percussions, jungle. Some old favourites, and recent discoveries alike. One thing all these tracks have in common is each of them had its dedicated time on repeat.

Listening back a few weeks after recording, early just before sunrise on a Friday morning, coffee in hand, empty schedule ahead - the vibes are just right with this one🙌🏾

Only this dude will mix in Superabundance after Sampha😂 that was as fun transition!


  1. GCOM Midnight Shore
  2. Source Direct The Crane
  3. Hemlock Ernst Jargonne
  4. Two Shell Blobject
  5. Downhill2k01 Black & Decker
  6. Space Afrika B£E (feat. Blackhaine)
  7. Perko Edie
  8. Joseph Shabason Broken Hearted Kota
  9. Sampha Spirit 2.0
  10. Superabundance Hyperplasticity
  11. Source Direct The Crane
  12. Al Wootton Number, Weight, Division
  13. Grand Inc Uptight, Uptight
  14. Billy Woods Fool's Gold
  15. Space Afrika Indigo Grit (feat. guest)
  16. Nathan Fake Crystal Vision
  17. MPU101 laosarrMKS80
  18. Willow Untitled B1
  19. Willow Untitled B2
  20. Konduku Ayva
  21. Jonny Nash All I Ever Needed

Huerco S

Huerco S. put me onto Perko! with the Prang release 🙌🏾

percussive bass



After a few years of listening to both aliases, I found out Huerco S is the same person behind Loidis that blew my mind, lol