ambient, mostly bass, lots of Skee Mask

  • Some ambient Skee Mask (SCNTST) about 5 minutes in (SCNTST 300 AD Part II) - Love that track!
  • Oalyman put me onto datassette Flechte - shout out 🍻 Anything Datassette touches is gold
  • Segue Stepping Up starts 16 minutes in. Timeless ambient dub techno tune, it's been a no skip track since the day I found it!
  • 23 minutes in - I enjoyed the transition from Brothomstates Mdrmx, into Konx-om-Pax Rez (Skee Mask Remix)
  • ~27 minutes in Personne Aliénée Oxytocin (with Difuz) is such a high energy track, another no skip
  • The Waleed track ~32 minutes in is another plug from Oalyman
  • ~33min in, the transition into MPU101 SYS1FinMwitch felt well timed. good shift of energy
  • 37min - Skee Mask Japan Air
  • 50 minutes in - I like the shift of energy into ambient here after a few B2B bass punches. little breather. before more bass ofc😂


  1. Bop gabaa
  2. Bop xx
  3. SCNTST 300 AD Part II
  4. datassette Flechte
  5. SCNTST P.O.T.C.M.
  6. SCNTST 153 - 252
  7. Segue Stepping Up
  8. Brothomstates Mdrmx
  9. Konx-om-Pax Rez (Skee Mask Remix)
  10. Personne Aliénée Oxytocin (with Difuz)
  11. Waleed Sueños
  12. MPU101 SYS1FinMwitch
  13. Skee Mask Japan Air
  14. Willow Untitled B1
  15. Skee Mask UWLSD
  16. Skee Mask IT Danza
  17. Packed Rich Warp Field
  18. Zaumne Éther
  19. Zenker Brothers Berg 10
  20. Calibre Over the Top
  21. Nutty Nys For Me