Archived tweets. Some of these have never actually been on twitter 😉

Ambient !== drum-less!

Something I've recently had to remind myself of. I was beginning to associate ambient music with drum-less drones & rhythms, but that's not the case.

Ambient, speedy dub

Fun fact: the first goosebumps mix was liquid dnb. over 5 years ago!

Listening to gb27 - minimal dnb mix as I go about my morning, still love the sounds in there!

Ambient clicks & cuts, who'd have thought. lovely surprise delivered by shuffle.

Followed up by a lovely Monolake track

Shuffle is winning today!

Straight techno with a little bit of acid sprinkled on top. 13 minutes of bliss!


One of the more interesting additions to the liquid dnb playlist. I found Lord Folter through his hip hop tracks.

Solid candidate for FlyloFmExtended. Interlude energy, somewhat dreamy feel to it. Also seen in my alternative hip hop playlist.


Silent season has been such a great source for more ambient leaning dubs. good music for programming


Another solid candidate for opening track. ominous, and warm still

While you're at it, check out the Tempo EP. I think my favourite track from there is B.

Fun fact: Ronny is a major contributor to my typography efforts so far, on this site. Can also say the same about my personal site.

Check out his sites, and you'll see why I'm a big fan of his typography.

This track would make a cool intro to a mix.


If you like Milky Chance & that kinda sound, you might just dig this

Flylo brought together so many cultures in his GTA V radio. I really like that about the radio.

The further I've gone down rabbit-holes of music I like, the more I've found myself coming back to music he introduced me to all those years ago. Respect.


Such a timeless tune. Love the percussion & off beat feel to this sound. The track title describes it well

1 half of Kiasmos. It's been fun diving into this dude's music.


Fits well into the texture playlist

Scale your efforts as a music curator. In practice, that means listening to other curator's playlists.

You can't listen to all the music by yourself, and a lot of the time, when exploring a new sound, it is very likely that someone else can deliver a much tidier 'best of' than you could by yourself.

I've found music that I've adored for years, from other curators, and continue to find lots of dope shit that way.

Written whilst listening to a playlist by Adrian :)

Really digging the new sounds from Patricia!

acidicspeedy dubslofi

Some really good techno in here


Some tunes from here definitely going to feature in an upcoming techno mix

WorldwideFM shows

Gonna take me a real while to explore all these.

Seeing if this works

confirmed, it indeed does work

Genre is a construct for commerce, not pleasure

Atlas quoting this book.

Would you look at that, another template spotted in the wild



just found this cool little site - best seen on desktop

Make sense records

I've said it time & time again, I love me some good drums. This track is a solid example of Barcode’s drums

Deep, but percussive & warm too. Amazing to be able to balance sound like that. It’s sonically pleasing


Would definitely recommend a full exploration of this dude's discography, I've thoroughly enjoyed his music over the years :)

One of my favourite deepchord songs. Love the quiet drowned out melody in this one

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