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Playlists: 4AM & Flylo Extended

Some dreamy sounds for you. sometimes maybe dance, sometimes maybe lounge

Playlist: 4AM energy

Artist: Moor Mother

I just can't stop listening to her work. I started the day with this two track combo



A bit emo That closing verse is healing though, after a sad song 💪🏽


Thumper of a beat, choppy hip hop sounds. And solid verses!

Playlist: FlyLoFmExtended

That second track brings me to a concept I'm exploring. GTA V FlyloFM is a radio I enjoyed quite a bit. Heck, I downloaded GTA V for the 6th playthrough, just so I can listen to the radio and mess around.

That got me thinking, what could an extended version of FlyloFM sound like.

That's what this playlist is, exploring the sounds that fit alongside Flying Lotus.

The playlist will be a mix of some favourites from the original radio, and my extensions of course. Listening to it as I write this, and it's one melter after the other. Love it!


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