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On Active vs Passive Curation

Different modes of crate digging.

  • Active curation is when you sit down with the sole intention of getting your initial playlist done in one effort. Tiago Forte refers to this execution mode as a big lift
  • While passive is more, I know the general mood and theme I'm going for, I'll gather tracks that I like over the next few weeks of listening, and figure out the story as I go along. This is what Tiago Forte refers to as a slow burn
  • I've been in passive curation mode for a while, it's only when I have gigs that I sit down and do active curation. this is required mostly because for the last few years, any gigs have been hella short notice!

tracklist order

Active curation also includes sorting out the order of the tracklist to be fair you can also do this at the end of a passive curation effort. But I usually bundle it as part of the process of active curation. mostly depends on what the mix is for