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Ajnkana had a solid year of releases, I enjoyed tracks from every single one of them.

Groove repeat - Gradual

Dub Circuits - Open Circuit

The opening track for this EP sets a no nonsense mood.

Aphelion - WASP

Coming from an EP released on Cold Tear Records, WASP is easily one of my favourite tracks from Ajnkana, had this one on repeat for a while.

Pyroclastic Flow - another Cold Tear release

This track has a bit more of a playful feel, while exploring the Jamaican roots of dub techno.

I have a playlist dedicated to such sounds. And more dub techno sub-genres are explored here.

Travancore - full album

Densely packed with well engineered dubs. Explors ambient, dungeon sounds, club rollers, lounge mood. Tastefully curated sounds Some tracks I still have on repeat: Amayur, Poyya, Idukki District, Nechoor,

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend an exploration of Ajnkana's discography.