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ambient escapes

some ambient favourites

Astral Industries

I really enjoy Astral Industries' art direction. Adds to the experience of their releases.

It's not a label I want ot rush through, I've only listened to a few records so far They have high replay value. That's why I choose to savour them and take it slow

Below are some releases I've been repeating, I implore you to check this label out.

Brazilijos dar​ž​ai by Sraunus

This track has never let me down, when I need to calm the mind - masterpiece

36 - One of my early gateways into ambient

My Spotify library currently has 115 songs by Dennis, pretty safe to say I've enjoyed his music over the years.

While I don't binge his music as much as I used to, it has aged well, and I consume it as a treat now.

Also a great source of nostalgia for me😄

These two albums are the starting points I'd recommend. I put a lot of mileage on these records :)

👆🏾 Scroll horizontally for the other album

Huerco S

More metallic sounding ambient. Borderline experimental, lofi.

I consider Huerco a staple in my library. Another early gateway into ambient, I especially love this album.

Everything by Slow Attack Ensemble

Slow Attack Ensemble is another refuge for me. Always a good trip


I recommend you check out his whole discography. His music is a unique experience.

Sometimes heavy leaning on the percussion side, similar to Huerco S' metallic timbres if you're into that sorta thing

Boards of Canada

This note would not feel right without mention of Boards of Canada. Another recommended full discography dive.

This album is a good start