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Finding Backwoodz studios

I’ve always been a hip hop head, and been embracing it more lately. But the path to finding this pocket of alternative hip hop that quickly became dear to me was quite a twisty road.


Johannes shared one1one by Jack Jelfs feat. Jessica Barter. Be warned, the video, vocals, and overall vibes are a trip. But dammit those drums are tight!

While reading the video’s description, these words caught my eyes:

During their 2018 residency at CERN

This is a summary of how the project was put together

a garbled invocation of language data-sets, algorithmically generated text and frenzied machine poetry. Collaborator Jessica Barter reads words generated by an A.I. trained by Jelfs in a techno-shamanic ritual, leading an incantation that opens with the declaration: “we’re ordered to erase sounds”

I thought science and music, that ought to be interesting. And the word residency implied there was more where that came from, so naturally I went digging.

Loving these artists that really blend music and software creativity

  • me, 01 Aug 2022

These vibes made me think of Max Cooper, who’s collaborated with a wide array of talented creatives

I digress. Back to the main storyline

Moor Mother

UMZANSI immediately stood out to me. Black Quantam Futurism won the 2021 CERN Collide artist's residency, and that’s how I found Moor Mother. I spent MONTHS bingeing her music daily. Timeless music

…feat Billy Woods …feat ELUCID

After a few weeks of listening to her, I noticed a little trend. Anytime she had a track with either Billy Woods, or ELUCID, it was pretty much guaranteed I’d like the song.

Imagine my excitement when I found out Billy Woods has some Zimbabwean roots (his dad). I finally put two and two together, and the album cover with Robert Mugabe immediately made sense. It's at that point when I really started paying attention to Woods.

Earl Sweatshirt

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