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Beyond Spotify Wrapped

Some items really captured my attention in a way that spotify wrapped could not present. Including lots of items from other curators & friends

I spent a lot of time chasing depth within my library. Deep diving on artists, record labels, 'obscure' sub-genres. It has been lots of fun, and only the beginning of the journey

This is also the year I got really cozy with bandcamp, discogs, tidal, as well as reacquainting with soundcloud & mixcloud.

N.B: if this is your first time on here, be sure to quickly check how to use this site

Experimental slices

4AM energy

This Red Bull interview gives some good history on the footwork genre.

The Hoavi album was released by the label Peak Oil, home to Topdown Dialectic, whom I also really enjoyed listening to this year. I'm definitely going to do a deep dive of their releases at some point in the future

These drums are amazing. Grateful to have bumped into Church & Matt's music. They have some music on bandcamp too.

DJ mixes

I had this one on repeat for quite a while. Was a very good mix for crate diggig, led me to quite a number of tracks that featured in my own mixes.


I embraced it a bit more than in the past. I have autoplay off on all my streaming apps, which resulted in me having lots of quiet moments.

Was weird at first, but I grew to enjoy it. This is a big step for someone who's used to having headphones on 90% of the time😄from a perpetual "won't do anything without music" to embracing silent moments felt serene.

Hip Hop, Grime

There's a month or two when I had Ghetts on repeat almost every day!

Ambient & work friendly bits


Random thought that flew into my head the other day -> "if you don’t enjoy pop, you’re just purposefully trying to be unhappy" 😂 I've had fun with a fair share of pop this year. Some Favourites

Friends, fellow curators

My library has grown as a team effort. Really appreciate these tunes that have been shared.

Ajnkana releases

Ajnkana had a solid year of releases, I've enjoyed tracks from every single one of them. I've also played a bunch of them in my mixes this year, good times!



dreamy, drones, jazzy drums, Boards of Canada sonics too.


The track above is what led me to Jazz Codes!