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Playlist Aggregation: Code Friendly Music

An aggregated list of music I reach out to when its time to work. Distraction-free(mostly) playlists, albums, & livesets that wont get in the way of concentrated work.

Datasette's Music For Programming

A big inspiration for this website comes from Datasette's project. It's one of my favourite corners on the internet, no doubt. Recently got a UI update too. It's a great place to listen to music while you work. I've been listening to it for years now.

  • shipwreck detective - Live at Man vs Machine - "An hour and nine-minute performance recorded live in one take for Man vs Maschine - an online global streaming festival created during the COVID-19 pandemic to showcase and connect through experimental music."




here is another track with the same pulsing, looping, & rhythmic effect