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Curator: Bop

Bop has played a big role in expanding my sonic palette.

Playlist: Bop's Tops

A playlist that's updated monthly, with his 10 favourite tracks of that month.

I put this playlist on shuffle for a few minutes, and here are some favourites.


Some cross pollination here. Datasette is also one of my favourite curators, and surprise surprise, Bop listens to him too :)




Starting with the latest track in the playlst, title track from the EP Sentiel. Loved every single track in there. This track has a gooey sound to it, I dig it.

Sounds from Void Fill Product



This album, and Bop's playlist, were probably my introduction to Datasette, around August 2020.

The most 'experimental' I've heard Grad_U



Sounds from Record Label, Astral Industries



This may have been my introduction to the label. Absolutely fell in love with their artwork

Check out Astral Industries on Bandcamp, immerse yourself in the artwork a little.

Ambient scapes from Nils Frahm