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Deep Dubs & Stuff

Some curated tunes for Anjkana. Tech Dub, Detroit, Minimal genre zones


  • First rec is a 2 track EP by Gabbana. These tracks are always fun to play in the car, especially track 2, Dusted.

Constellation Lupus by !Sooks & Secret Souls

  • There's some solid tracks in this release

Headfone Mvsic

  • This release is not exactly the style you asked for, but I think you'd enjoy it nonetheless. I've had it on repeat since I found it.

Satoshi Tomiie @TheLotRadio 03-11-2023

  • This mix gave me some good dances. It's got all the styles you requested, & incredibly put together
  • I'll be going on a deep dive of Satoshi's content over the next couple of weeks!


Heavenchord's become a staple in my mixes, and for good reason! just listen to that opening track

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Click on the album art for an audio preview 😉

Crab Nebula/ Stream One - I dig this release.

Bonus Track(s)



I found this one while putting together this playlist.