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Exploring Dub Techno sub-genres

Dub techno is a surprisingly rich sound. I explore some of the schools of thought I enjoy

Reggae Leaning Dubs

Speedy Dubs

Club Ready Dubs

Dub & Bass

Clicks & Cuts

Not really dub techno, but an important sound for me. Some quotes from the history of dub techno

Clicks & cuts for instance, is a sound that started developing alongside of dub techno; eg Pole, & Vladislav Delay, who were directly related to Basic Channel as they'd worked together in the past.

Some of the earliest traces of dub techno can be attributed to Basic Channel around 1993, and their sound then, still has a large influence on how today's dub techno sounds.

Boomkat, a popular store - categorise Basic Channel as a genre.