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Fancy Footwork

High energy sh*t!

While reflecting on my year in music (2022), I made this comment about Footwork

I listened to a fair amount of footwork throughout the year, but I'd say Adrian is responsible for launching me into somewhat of a deep dive into the genre. The final quarter of the year was footwork heavy - from 4AM sessions, to powering the workouts, this genre found itself fitting into many moments

The genre remains dear to me, and today I've decided to give it some more real estate on my little corner of the internet 😄 It deserves more attention.

My main/first footwork playlist has grown into a decent 5½hr playback time, with some highlights from the genre over ~(the last year)

As per the playlist description on Spotify, we’ll talk about neighbouring sub-genres too. Following my IFTTT format.

  • quite a number of entries from Livity
  • RP-Boo makes some really good sound! Pay attention everytime you see his name, please!
  • RIP DJ Rashad. GTA V’s Flylofm had its wack in the track list. This was my most memorable entrypoint into footwork. I had no idea what it was at the time, but knew I loved the heck out of the sound. DJ Rashad was one of the producers of that track.
  • entries from Xyla are coming from what was one of my favourite albums of 2022!
  • Skee Mask put me onto Driven By Attraction. he’s got some really good releases
  • K Wata is the shizzle

That’s all the words I have for today… till next time

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