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The importance of video game soundtracks

Video games can have such a large influence over the music someone will listen to over time. PS - This post is big part nostalgia

Nostalgia & Music

Music can be a very powerful time capsule for feelings, emotions, state of mind and all the works.

At some point, I decided to embrace that experience, the trip down memory lane, the feeling of nostalgia.

A lot of my library today is influenced by trying to capture that feeling of nostalgia. Video games were a very big part of my life growing up, and I was introduced to a very wide array of music.

Soundtracks & curated music are a very important dimension of the gaming experience.

Need for Speed Pro street

This song started randomly playing back in my head, & I knew straight away it was finally time to flesh out this post.

I have many fond memories of playing pro street, lots of them with my young brother. I'm sure I completed that game's career at least 5 times. I've always enjoyed NFS games that lean more on the sim racing than arcade side.

Def Jam Vendetta

I remember thinking this game was so cool, because of 2 reasons:

  • Strong Hip Hop culture
  • Wrestling

NFS Underground 2





around the time I started paying more attention to my interest in more experimental sounds


What games did I miss, which video games have a memorable soundtrack? let me know, genuinely curious :)