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Some hip videos

Directed by Joseph Mault, Ryosuke Tanzawa, and more.

I don't watch music videos all that much, but can appreciate well put together visuals when I come across them.

This post shares a few highlights

Ryosuke Tanzawa

What I've most enjoyed about Ryosuke's videos is attention to detail. There's little things I always catch while watching his videos and think 'damn, I can see some thought was put into this for sure'

Color palettes, frame cuts & transitions, how he places subjects. So many little details to nerd over. His IG is also worth a gander. Beautiful stills on there.

I like how Earl & Navy trade bars here 👇🏾. The frame cuts complement it really well!

I enjoyed the set on this one 👇🏾

Directed by Joseph

I watched a bunch of videos by Backwoodz studios and a decent amount of them have this in the credits:

Directed By Joseph

After enjoying them a bunch of their videos, I had to know who Joseph is. And that sent me down a bit of a rabbithole of music videos of ELUCID & Billy Woods videos.

Armand Hammer Perform Haram @ the Alchemist's studio

I enjoyed this format. The energy here really felt like bros just hanging out