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How to use this site

A few features might not be obvious at first glance, let me show you around

Type of stuff I share

  • Tracks
  • Albums
  • Playlists
  • Artists
  • DJ Mixes
  • Record labels

Sometimes they're embedded as components I've built, or iframes from around the web, sometimes it's just a link. I encourage you to interact with them, immerse yourself in the sound as you read.

Preview Tracks

  • Click on the album cover to get a 30 sec preview of the track.
  • Can click on it to pause, or click another album cover to preview that one.
  • There's also a play/pause button somewhere on the screen.




  • Track title is a link to the full track on the streaming service.
  • You can move around the site with a track preview playing. Your listening experience won't be interrupted


  • The idea is simple, preview track on the left, tracklist on the right.
  • Click on a track on the tracklist to load it to the player on the left.
    • Now you can preview that track as you normally would a single track, by clicking the album cover.
  • Built using the Single track component

Preview Album

  • Preview audio will be a random track from the album
  • Planning to give this the same browsing experience as the playlist

Now playing

  • Scroll to the bottom of the site to see what I'm playing on spotify right now.
  • I also have a dedicated app for this
  • If you catch me listening to weird shit, it's for research of course ;)