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Bops Tops continues to deliver quality music

Since putting this site together, I gave Bop's Tops a few listens, as part of my efforts for the post Curator: Bop

Naturally, I bumped into old favourites, and one artist caught my attention for a discography dive. And also felt like this music deserved its own space, to share that deep dive.

Where it supposedly started

August 2021




Lacks music is very good. Clean, well constructed bass.




Another demonstration of clean bass. Smooth like butter I tell ya

Who is Lack?

Excerpt from spotify profile

Manchester's Charlie Foy produces dubwise experimental bass music under the name Lack. On EPs such as 2021's Make It Circular, he shapes broken beat patterns and rolling ambient textures into kinetic yet spacious club constructions. Lack's music first saw release through Howes' Cong Burn label. He shared a split cassette with BFTT in 2017, then contributed tracks to several 12" EPs released by the label between 2018 and 2020. Lack's Satin EP, a trio of journey-like tracks partially written on long train rides, was issued by Blank Mind at the end of 2019. The same label also released the 2020 debut EP by Nature Unit, a dub techno group featuring Foy. Lack made his Livity Sound debut with the 2020 EP Inside, which was followed by 2021's Make It Circular, a mixture of broken dub techno and dubstep. ~ Paul Simpson, Rovi

The stuff I found today blew my mind

In no particular order, just goodness (very old inside joke, quoting Callum describing a the dominant Mercedes F1 car getting all the clean air at the front of the pack, or as he said, all the goodness 😂)




Going straight into my fancy footwork playlist