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Lessons from Ronny

At this point, I have lost count of the many invaluable lessons learnt from Ronny & the Vault community at large

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  • build your vocabulary of mix transitions
  • It’s not about music. It’s about people. At the end of the day you’re managing energy of people
  • DJing is confidence & leadership. You’re inviting people to come spend time with you, which is a gift. And you are the one that hopefully shows them music they didn’t know they needed, lead them through the good vibe
  • I like that you commented about that transition from, a singular style/sound; to having an appreciation for music for the lounge vs the dance floor for example.

Delivering a bag of surprises

I don’t do magic, it’s just work. It’s the result of work

On genre

We all have different names and categorisations of what is ultimately the same sound.

It doesn’t matter what you decide to call this, what matters is that you can identify a sound, feeling, emotion that’s communicated by the track. That’s what allows you to be flexible and communicate that shared understanding.

Key takeaway This is why it doesn’t matter so much, to need to be 100% accurate with mapping a sound to a genre. Can you find in your library, more sounds that are related to it? That’s really what’s important for good curation.

Icarus Redux - High Speed Magic 013 by High Speed Magic on #SoundCloud

Someone calls ambient gabber what I would call speedy dubs & idm. Can absolutely play alongside this DJ, with my library.

Genre is a construct for commerce, not pleasure

Atlas quoting this book.

I couldn’t agree more. Don’t take that genre shit too seriously ❤️