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Playlist: Zimbabwean roots🇿🇼

I asked TK to check the site out, and his response was funny. He gave me shit for not having Shona music on the site💀

how this post happened

Full playlist

A little story

The one time while taking a drive with TK, we put the Zimbabwe heat playlist on shuffle, and by some black magic, it narrated the story of a feud between two artists we happen to enjoy very much in that playlist.

This post is our best recreation of that tale. And some very hype tracks came with it, most of these are in my gym playlist :)

Zviri Pa 2


Apparently this is where the beef started

The story of Modhe


Big big energy, there was no recovering from this, lol

Ko Makuitasei?



Shuffle reached into Holy Ten's archive to provide a worthy clapback, was a sweet switch up

Of course Bho Zvangu featured in the mix

Murder with Probeatz

Probeatz aka Captain Mufombi delivered a killer verse for this track!

Voltz says Don't forget

Mukomana atsamwa 😬.



Hopefully this bad blood is buried at some point though

The gents have collaborated before, and some good stuff came out of it.



As Skepta says

I don't wanna war, lets make peace

Good energies make the stacks increase I agree with this sentiment.



People like Skepta are a big influence on the sound we hear in todays Hip Hop in Zim

Photo creds

Playlist & post cover image was captured by Cyril, thanks dude 🍻